I need you

I need your smile,

like the air to breathe,

I need your touch,

like the water to drink,

you make me so dependent,

i can hardly believe.

i would give my life,

into your arms,

i trust you more,

more than myself,

you are the best reason,

to stay alive.


I'm so happy now,

I wanna stay like this forever,

forever in your arms,

you make me feel so real.


You took my heart,

and you won't give it back to me,

You gave me your heart,

and I'll treat it like a pearl,

you light up my life,

like the brightest sun,

your dinky face,

enamores me so much,

you are my desire,

you are my drug,

just one look at you,

and I'm a walking piece of energy..

16.3.08 23:10

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